Guest Bedroom Week sees The Block Battle for Agents

Guest Bedroom Week sees The Block Battle for Agents

With three days to go to guest bedroom reveals, the contestants’ builders have made great progress while they are away on the challenge.

Sharon wakes up in a much more positive mood after taking out the $5000 win.

House No.1 are in a winning mood too. They have secured Melbourne agent David Wood who has won The Block several times. David was one of the real estate agents at the Domain Nosy Neighbours Challenge and Tom and Sarah-Jane had an immediate connection. While Oz and Omar cook a Lebanese BBQ for everyone at House No.5, Tom and Sarah-Jane quickly sneak off and call David to secure him as their real estate. These guys are very competitive.

Other contestants including Ankur and Sharon also wanted David, but the deal is done.

The Block get a cultural induction by the local elders of the Wurundjeri tribe. 

It’s so windy on The Block and Foreman Keith and Foreman Dan go around to all the houses to make sure they are tidy outside. There is lots of rubbish in Omar and Oz’s front yard. 

Sharon is having lots of issues leaving The Block to shop as one delivery after the next arrives.

Scotty and Shelley do their weekly walkarounds and Tom and Sarah-Jane can’t hide their delight at securing David Wood as their real estate agent.

The walk arounds go well, although Omar and Oz are running late.

House No.4 Dylan and Jenny secure local agent Kirrily Evans, who Oz and Omar also had their eye on.

It’s terrible conditions on The Block as the rain comes in. Scott hosts a Friday night BBQ, and the contestants are told about the $20,000 Suncorp gamechanger.


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