Guest Bedroom Week begins on The Block Tree Change

Guest Bedroom Week begins on The Block Tree Change

It’s guest bedroom week on The Block and our contestants have seven days to deliver the perfect room. 

Shaynna Blaze was scathing towards Ankur and Sharon’s moody bathroom and Sharon isn’t happy. Sharon said, ‘it’s not your house babe,’ as a response to Shaynna’s comment.  She also brings up the fact she had antiques in the room that she claimed Shaynna didn’t spot. 

At the Domain Open For Inspections everyone agrees that Omar and Oz deserved to take out the win. Could they become The Block’s bathroom kings? 

It’s a Monday morning public holiday on The Block so no power tools, but our contestants are busy working away.  

Rachel and Ryan got hammered in the judging for not having any country element to their bathroom, so they plan to change things up but a little with their guest bedroom but still stick to their guns. 

Contestants have $19,000 for their guest bedroom budget. They must start remembering to try and begin saving for the landscaping. 

Because of stock shortages our contestants must choose their carpet choices at Carpet Court. When they arrive they get a shock. Not only carpet choices need to be made, but floorboards too. 

Sharon’s confidence is shot because of the judges so Ankur joins her to make the choices.

Rachel is struggling being away from her kids, so she decides to go back to Sydney to see them. They left so quickly, the kids haven’t realised they are on The Block and will be back. 

House No.1 gets shut down for a few hours after asbestos is found. Tom and Sarah Jane are very pragmatic about it.

Omar and Oz go to Winning Appliances to choose their $250,000 prize kitchen appliances package after winning bathroom week. 

Scotty hosts the first Winners and Grinners dinner at his house, with Omar and Oz the special guests. 


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