Guest Bedroom and Redo Room Week Begins

There is so much happening on The Block this week, with our contestants building another guest bedroom as well as their re-do room.

Tom and Sarah-Jane, Ankur and Sharon and Dylan and Jenny are all changing their living and dining room spaces, Omar and Oz their master bedroom, and Rachel and Ryan their guest bedroom.

Ankur and Sharon are getting used to the new reality on The Block for them, all their budget and spend from trades to materials must be approved by Scotty or Jo from Finance.

Ankur seems to have a pretty philosophical attitude towards what is going on, it is, what it is.

The ghost of Joel and Elle return as Ankur and Sharon are now renovating the one room the Sydney pair built on The Block – their challenge room.

Tom and Sarah-Jane have a major issue with their wardrobe and where it is in their guest bedroom, they may have to tear a bit of their hallway down to accommodate it.

Alice Stolz from Domain and Scotty announce this week’s challenge. Our contestants have to make a Domain listings ad and host 100 buyers through their house.  Queue panic on The Block.


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