Grey’s Anatomy July 7

Grey’s Anatomy July 7

This week’s Grey’s Anatomy is not to be missed if you’re a long-time fan.

Finishing its 10th season with a double episode comprising of Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn out Right/Fear (of the Unknown) will answer all lingering questions from story arcs throughout the season.

Over the course of the two hours Christina (Sandra Oh) prepares to farewell the hospital and head to Zurich. Bailey ignoring the parent’s wishes of the kid stuck in a bubble will face the consequences of injecting him with deactivated HIV virus.

If that wasn’t enough there is a few departures and arrivals chucked in for good measure as well as a possible terrorist attack. It’s finale that farewells an original cast member perfectly.and does so because  the farewell scene between Meredith and Christina is the perfrct on screen endpoint for their friendship .

9:30 PM Monday on Seven


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