Graham Norton: Sept 8

Graham Norton: Sept 8

A special episode of Graham Norton will follow the bachelor.

The show will run for 30 mins and is a compilation of 31 Hot Men of Graham Norton.”.

To celebrate the launch of The Bachelor, this special edition of The Graham Norton Show takes a look back at the hottest men to have graced Graham’s sofa in the latest season. Chatting to the BAFTA-award-winning host in his unique chat show includes buff Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, Oscar-winning Hollywood star Russell Crowe and global singing star Michael Buble. Oscar-nominee and heart-throb Bradley Cooper also stops by on the show, acting superstar Tom Cruise lights up the studio with his good looks and Will Smith shows he’s still got it by performing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap.

9:00 pm Sunday on TEN


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