Go’s Crazy about One Direction

Go will screen a documentary about One Direction on Tuesday night.

In just over two years, One Direction have become a global pop phenomenon with an army of over 10 million teenage fans. Known as ‘Directioners’,they are a new, obsessive breed whose love of modern technology – which is used to stalk and attack – makes them very different from the music fans that have come before.

In Crazy About One Direction we get under the skin of this 21st century hoard of young girls to find out what it means to be a true Directioner – meeting some of the most intensely obsessed young fans in the world.

Discover a hermetically sealed world of extreme behaviour, with its own rules, logic and language, all played out in the public glare of social media and homemade YouTube videos.

What do these fans truly expect to get from their fandom? And what does it tell us about young girls today?

7:30pm Tuesday October 22 on GO!