Gold Logie Countdown Lee Lin Chin

Gold Logie Countdown Lee Lin Chin

There’s a lot more to Lee Lin Chin then just being an SBS newsreader.

Lee Lin Chin began her media career in Singapore in 1958 before moving to Australia in 1960. She began her career here at SBS as a translator for Chinese-language films. She left that role and moved into radio, working on regional radio in New South Wales and in Darwin until 1988 when she re-joined SBS. Hosting the World News Australia weekend bulletins, it’s a role she still holds to this day.


Throughout her career, Lee Lin has branched out into primetime television and feature films. In 1994, she used her skilled of news reading in the film Ressistence. She also had a small role playing a Thai interpreter in the 1989 Australia mini-series Bangkok Hilton, with Nicole Kidman.


In 2003, Lee Line hosted Fashionista, a weekly 10-minute segment that offered a snapshot of what was happening and what was hot in Australia fashion, riding the wave of interest in our designers shown by overseas buyers, and explaining why Australian Fashion Week is always such a big news. The series was popular enough to run for three years on Saturday evenings.


While still hosting the news, Lee Lin had guest roles in Newstopia, a half-hour comedy series on the ABC in 2008. Later that same year her passion for fashion saw her host Designer People. Each episode focused on an individual designer and their work, which may be across a range of industries.


Since 2010 she has appeared on numerous comedy shows like Santo, Sam, and Ed’s Cup Fever!, along with an appearance on Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention?


More recently, Chin has been involved in creating small segments for SBS’s The Feed, where she present small comedy segments including ‘Pranked with Lee Lin Chin,’ ‘Lee Lin Chin Versus Maggie Beer’, ‘Celebrity Chin Wag’, comedic cooking show ‘Lee Linguine’ and most recently ‘The Real Newsreaders of Sydney’ with fellow newsreaders Sandra Sully and Natalie Barr. It was her work in this role that saw her nominated for her first Gold Logie, as well as a Presenter nomination.


Will Lee Lin be able to make Logies history as the first SBS star to  win the Gold Logie?



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