Gold Logie Countdown Carrie Bickmore

Gold Logie Countdown Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore has been a Logie nominee for quite some time – but where did it all begin?

Carrie Bickmore was a radio newsreader before crossing over to television. Bickmore made her first television appearance on the Logie winning Rove Live, Hosted by Gold Logie winner Rove McManus, in 2006.

On the show, Carrie hosted a segment called Carrie @ The News Desk. Often the news stories related to actual events, but ended in a twist with a punch line. A running joke throughout the segment was Bickmore’s quirky introductions in which she added a quip, often playing off of social trends, music and popular culture.

Bickmore continued on rove until late 2009 when she stepped down to take on the role of co-host on The Project. The show has a different spin on the news and is an alternative to regular news services.

In 2010 Carrie Bickmore was announced as the Most Popular New Female Talent at the TV Week Logie awards. In 2012 she was nominated for the Most Popular Presenter award and received her first Gold Logie nomination.  2013 saw her up for both awards again but unfortunately she was unsuccessful.

2014 saw her hard work pay off when she hosted a revived reality format So You Think You Can Dance Australia and scored another Gold and Most Popular Presenter nomination, but again missed out on gracing the stage with an acceptance speech.

She has been nominated for the Gold on the last three occasions, but so far remains unsuccessful at winning the award. Will it be fourth time lucky on Sunday?