Go to get a Manspace

Go to get a Manspace

ManSpace, an exciting new program that reveals Australia’s most impressive man caves and goes inside the complex mind of the modern male, will premiere on GO next week 

Hosted by radio presenter Dan Anstey and AFI Award-winning actor Shane Jacobson, ManSpace will also explore the extraordinary range of collections and inspiring projects that absorb so many Aussie blokes.

 Anstey and Jacobson will be joined on the program by The Block’s Dale Vine, comedian Des Dowling, former AFL stars Brett Stephens and Michael Gale, aka “Moose and Butch”, and adventure manMurray Binghamto put the male of the species under the microscope.

 The ManSpace team has travelled the country to find Australia’s most impressive man caves and avid male collectors. The program, filmed in front of a live audience from a remarkable real man cave in Melbourne, also addresses men’s issues and special interests.

 Combining curiosity with larrikin humour,Man Space examines what it means to be an Aussie bloke in the complicated, modern technological world.

 ManSpace  will begin 7:30pm Monday, May 26 on GO

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  1. leftys mob

    After watching 1 episode l think the fairer sex have little to worry about, my god what a drawn out, poorly scripted and dreadfully shot shemozzle, Shane was not on this episode (maybe he saw the rushes) It really suffered from a what the hell are we selling here

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