Go Girls and Cult to Screen on Go

Go Girls and Cult to Screen on Go

Go will screen some new content on late Saturday nights.

From this weekend the 5th series of Go Girls, The previous four season have aired on Ten. It includes a new set of characters trying to reach their goals.

Ted is not pleased to find out that his nemesis Candy is back in his life. But before he has a chance to confront her he becomes distracted by the return of an old love Sarah, his former teacher.

10:30 PM Saturday on GO.

it will be followed by the short lived US drama Cult. The series lived drama has just 13 episode and stars Matthew Davies from The Vampire Diaries.

In the series premiere investigative journalist Jeff ignores his brothers ramblings about the TV Show ‘Cult’ and its intent on harming him. When his brother disappears however, Jeff is forced to uncover this TV series dark underworld.

11:30 PM Saturday on Go.




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