Go Fastracks Survivor

Survivor will again be fast tracked to Australian Screens just hours after the US.

Throughout Survivor’s long run the debate has raged about what quality is of most advantage in playing the game. This season we are set to find out as 18 castaways are divided into three specific tribes: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty.

Filmed in Cagayan, a stunning and rugged province in the Philippines, each tribe will have six castaways who all share one of these three attributes. But which tribe will emerge the strongest?

Included in the Brawn Tribe are a former NBA All-Stars player, a male and female police officer, and a martial arts instructor. The Brains Tribe boasts a professional poker player, an attorney and a nuclear engineer. Over on the Beauty Tribe are a genetically gifted social worker, an ex-NFL cheerleader and a Miss Kentucky Teen USA winner.

Will the Brains use their expertise at solving puzzles to outsmart the others? Will the Brawns dominate all the challenges due to their physical attributes? Or will the Beauty Tribe be able to use their looks to master the social game?

Whichever tribe triumphs, all 18 castaways will be competing to outwit, outplay and outlast each other and ultimately be crowned the Sole Survivor.

Survivor will launch with a special  two-hour episode on Thursday, February 27, at 8.30pm on GO!