Go Adds Fresh Content to Sundays

Go Adds Fresh Content to Sundays

Go will unveil new seasons of Teen Mum, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents and The Magaluf Weekender from this weekend.

In the premiere of Teen Mum at 6.30pm, four new teenage mothers struggle to adjust to life after the birth of their babies. The confronting series follows their highs and lows as they navigate the difficult first year of motherhood.

At 9.30pm Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents returns for season three with a new group of partying teens unknowingly being watched by their snooping parents in the United Kingdom.

In episode one, a 19-year-old party girl and an 18-year-old lad head to a party resort for a holiday with friends. Enjoying themselves away from home, these teenagers have no idea that their mothers and fathers are watching exactly what their precious children are getting up to.

GO! also welcomes a new series packed full of misbehaving teens when The Magaluf Weekender premieres at 10.30pm.

Following two different sets of young friends each week, this series documents their every move as they go on their first holiday without their parents. Staying in a hotel rigged with cameras to film every aspect of their holiday, this will be a trip they’ll never forget.




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