Gloves Off. Times Up For Boxer Coach Duo.

Gloves Off. Times Up For Boxer Coach Duo.

Tonight on Hunted, the fugitives tried every trick in the book to dodge capture, and a hot lead saw ground Hunters circling in on Glenn and Taylah, as their lengthy game of cat and mouse finally came to a dramatic end.

The hunt kicked off when Hunted HQ received a lead on gamer duo Ben and Callum’s location through an ATM hit. Surprisingly, the CCTV footage revealed an older man making the transaction, leading to suspicions that one of the boys’ dads may be involved. Hunted Team Delta raced to Callum’s dad’s house, the very place where the fugitives were heading after days of camping. Just as they thought they were approaching safety, a horrified Ben and Callum spotted Ground Hunters in full interrogation mode and managed a quick escape.

Meanwhile, Tharren and Jordan continued to fly under the radar by relying on strangers for help. Lost for leads, Hunted HQ decided it was time to question Jordan’s nearest and dearest, his pregnant wife, Alyse. After quickly discovering that it was Jordan’s son’s second birthday the following day, Hunted Team Charlie were convinced he would try to make contact. Pre-empting the Hunter’s suspicions, Jordan decided that the birthday wasn’t worth risking it for the biscuit, and instead he celebrated his son’s second birthday on the run.

Having narrowly avoiding capture three times, Glenn and Taylah became the target of the determined Hunters. CCTV footage had revealed them leaving a boxing gym in friend Marcos’ car, leading two Ground Hunter teams to race to Marco’s address. However, Glenn and Taylah continued their evasive strategy, swapping vehicles and leaving their backpacks at Marco’s house for him to transfer to a new vehicle. Seeking refuge at neighbour Craig’s house, they believed they were safe. But they were proved wrong when Marco returned to find Team Alpha had beaten him back.

With time ticking and Marco’s absence raising suspicion, Craig’s wife offered them a getaway, but an intercepted phone call led the Hunters directly to them. A high-stakes chase followed, ending in a dramatic and emotional capture of Boxer Taylah and, then shortly after, Coach Glenn. A huge win for Hunted HQ.

Since their near miss at Callum’s dad’s home, the Gamer duo had been laying low at a local campsite. Tired, exhausted, hungry, and paranoid, they headed into the nearest town. When a kind stranger on the railway platform offered for them to stay at his for the night, they jumped at the opportunity, but everything was not as it seemed. The seemingly kind stranger soon snuck away to make a call to his sister, Kellie from none other than, Hunted Team Delta.


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