Glee to write out Finn and most likely conclude after season 6

There’s a lot of press about how Glee will handle Cory Monteith’s death and we finally have answers.

Decisions are still under way with how the character will creatively exit the series but . “Cory’s character will be written off and [it] will deal directly with drug addiction and the circumstances surrounding Cory’s death,”  Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly told the Hollywood Reporter


The third episode will be Finn Hudson being written out of the show.” The first two episodes, tributes to the Beatles, will be fun and celebratory, he said.

“It would be difficult to come out of the gate right away and then recover,” he said of not addressing Monteith’s passing in the first two hours. After episode three — which may include outtakes and unused footage — Glee will take a likely three-week break for the World Series, which will allow the writers to “reset” the series.

All proceeds from the episode will bee dontated to a fund set up in honor of Monteith. On the topic of the show’s longevity

“I would not anticipate it goes beyond two more seasons ,” Reilly also told The Hollywood Reporter but yous should never say never.