Glee Returns to Eleven

Glee Returns to Eleven

There’s good news for Gleeks with Eleven finally locking in the shows final season.

The show that was once considered a global phenomenon will bow out with a 13 episode final season from next week.

Loser Like Me

After moving things to New York in season five, the gang returns to where it all started for Glee’s final season.

After Rachel’s humiliating failure as a television actress, she comes home to Lima to figure out what to do next. Discovering Sue has banished the arts at McKinley, Rachel takes it upon herself to reinstate and lead the Glee Club.
Blaine, no longer in a relationship with Kurt, has moved home to coach the Warblers while Will is coaching rival Vocal Adrenaline. Sam is now the assistant coach for the McKinley football team.

8:30 PM  Thursday February 11 on Eleven