Gina Rliey undergoing treatment for cancer

Gina Rliey undergoing treatment for cancer

Gina Riley has released a statement to media confirming she is having treatment for breast cancer.

She was diagnosed before Christmas and has had the cancer removed but is preparing for further treatment to ensure she returns to full health.

“During my regular yearly breast check, a cancer in my breast was discovered. I know whenever I read of other women finding breast cancer I want to know, how it was found and were there any warning signs?” she wrote.

“So here it is. For me there was no lump that could be felt by either me or my doctor. It was only that I went to my regular mammogram and ultrasound appointment that it was found.

“The cancer has been found early and is treatable and for that I feel lucky and grateful. I am being looked after by an amazing medical team. I encourage woman to have regular breast checks, as the earlier it is found the better the outcome.

“So ladies, get your breasts checked out. Preferably by a health professional.”

Doctors have said Riley’s prognosis is excellent because the cancer was detected early.

source Adelaide Now


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