Georgie Stone gets a permanent home on Ramsay Street

Georgie Stone gets a permanent home on Ramsay Street

There’s exciting Neighbours news this morning with 10 confirming Georgie Stone will return  to Ramsay Street. and this time it’s for good.

Earlier this year, Georgie Stone, an advocate for gender diverse youth, made her way to Ramsay Street to play the guest role of Neighbours’ first transgender character, Mackenzie Hargraves.

Georgie first approached the producers on Australia’s longest running drama after the 19-year-old had the desire to portray some of her own experiences and others in the trans community, on screen.

After auditioning for the role, Georgie worked with the writers and producers for over eight months to accurately integrate parts of her life story into the well-known Australian drama, and fans instantly fell in love with her character, and the story Mackenzie was on Ramsay Street to tell.

Mackenzie, a feisty but ferociously independent 17-year-old, arrived in Erinsborough on her own with a fierce desire to get answers about her biological father, whom she had never met.

After being taken in by Erinsborough matriarch, Susan Kennedy, her time in Erinsborough and quest for answers wasn’t without complications, heartache and harsh life lessons. However, at the end of it all, she found all of the answers she came for and left with life-long friendships.

And in news that delighted us all, Mackenzie (and Georgie) decided that her heart belongs in Erinsborough, and she will return to everyone’s favourite street in early 2020.

On her permanent role, Georgie said: “I am so excited to be joining Neighbours full-time. I love the character of Mackenzie so much and to have the opportunity to go back and continue her story is a dream come true. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her!”

Executive Producer of Neighbours, Jason Herbison said: “I think with most people who are marginalised in society, everyone just wants to be visible and treated the same as everyone else.  And that’s what you will see with McKenzie. I look forward to the day when the fact that she is transgender doesn’t even warrant the batting of an eyelid. That day will come very soon in Erinsborough and that alone is very powerful for anyone going through the experience in real life”.

Georgie’s character, Mackenzie, will also have a key role in Erinsborough High, an exclusive and unique five-part digital series that you can catch on 10 Play from November 12. Georgie will return to our screens in early 2020.