Gamify! Premieres on 10 Peach tomorrow

10 Peach will screen a new kids show Gamify! tomorrow. 

GAMIFY! is produced by Network 10’s Children’s Unit and complement’s the suite of exceptional children’s programming which currently airs on 10 Peach including Totally WildToasted TVCrocamole and Scope.

Hosted by Jesse Baird, GAMIFY! will involve three everyday teens turned adventurers, who have been handpicked by the Global Expedition Organisation (G.E.O.) to kick some serious bottom (it’s a C Classification so we couldn’t use the word we wanted to use!).

Their mission, should they choose to accept (and their parents signed the release forms), is to complete three epic, action packed challenges in order to grab a tonne of prizes.

But a hero is never truly a hero unless they have had to overcome a few obstacles along the way…enter HAVOC.

As their uber creative name suggests, the HAVOC Organisation, plan to wreak as much havoc on the natural world as possible and prevent the G.E.O.’s from completing their mission.

Faced with real world adventure gaming challenges, the players must complete the level and rank as high as possible on the scoreboard to defeat the bad dudes, and let’s be honest, get their hands on those amazing prizes.

They don’t play the game on a screen; they are the game.

Gamify! premieres 8am Friday February 22nd on 10 Peach.