Game of Thrones Gets a 4th Season

No surprise at all HBO has renewed fantasy series Game of Thrones for a 4th Season.

The sprawling, fictional drama will return for 10 more episodes, tipped to premiere in early 2014.

The third season premiere pulled a series record of 4.4 million viewers in the US, up 4 percent from the previous high and despite particularly stiff competition from The Walking Dead from AMC.

The season premiere also pulled 6.7 million viewers across three plays during the course of the night, up by 7 percent on 2012. Game of Thrones is already the network’s third-most-watched series of all time, trailing only True Blood among current shows.

The current season follows roughly half of the book A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin, so presumably season four presumably will tackle the second half.

source tv line


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