From Fiji Flings To Commitment Rings.

From Fiji Flings To Commitment Rings.

In tonight’s romantic and emotional grand finale of Bachelor in Paradise there was a lot of love,

As the boys caught up around the pool, Conor revealed he and Mary were in love and everyone was happy for them.

Matt took a dig at Ciarran saying that Renee’s grandparents had some tough questions for him based on how her previous relationship with Ciarran had ended. As Ciarran walked off, Matt followed to make it clear that he was serious about Renee and didn’t think Ciarran should have any contact with her outside of Paradise.

As the girls chatted about how lucky they were, Renee felt the need to step in and give Kiki more information about what Ciarran had said to her. Feeling at her wits’ end, Kiki questioned if she should pack her bags and leave on her own.

Pulling out all the stops, Ciarran declared that he was falling in love with her.  Wanting to wash his hands of the others, Ciarran convinced Kiki to ditch the commitment ceremony and leave Paradise together. However things soured in the weeks following filming and the controversial duo have split.

Then, it was finally time for the commitment ceremonies.

First up was Matt and Renee. After a bumpy road, Renee now knew what she deserved in a relationship and felt lucky to have found a soul mate in Matt. Matt and Renee both opened-up to each other and gave commitment rings to symbolise how far they had come, and both agreed that they could see each other in their futures.  The pair are no longer together

Next to stand together was Mary and Conor. Excited to be a part of each other’s lives outside of Paradise, they both gave commitment rings as a memento of when they met and the beginning of them being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Heading to Paradise for a second time Alisha had high hopes for love in the sun. From the moment she arrived, Glenn caught her eye and they had an instant attraction. Finally feeling loved and valued, Alisha said Glenn was the first guy she could imagine building a life with. Glenn reiterated the fact it was love at first sight and believed Alisha was his soul mate.

The pair exchanged rings to signify the life they can build together. Alisha was so glad that she took a chance and returned to Paradise to find her happy ending.