From Dunny Derby To Dino Digs. It’s game on as The Amazing Race surprises

From Dunny Derby To Dino Digs. It’s game on as The Amazing Race surprises

In the third leg of The Amazing Race Australia, teams left the razzle dazzle of the Gold Coast for the blistering heat of Winton, QLD.

While sweating and swatting flies in the Winton sun, host Beau Ryan served up a special surprise, welcoming back The Kimberley Cousins, Dwes and Katherine, for a second chance at the Race.


Arriving first at last nights Pit Stop, The Super Sikhs received a First-Class pass, and we can only assume spent the day peeling prawns and sipping champagne.


Thanks to The Super Sikhs, The Power Couple scored the Salvage, and could jump a queue during this leg while The Mums were given a Sabotage, which meant one of the Mums couldn’t speak for the entire Leg.


Starting their Race day, the team’s toilet papered up to compete in Winton’s famous Dunny Derby. Dragging a mobile dunny, with a local seated inside, teams needed to travel through a course while balancing a liquid filled bed pan on their head, tipping the contents into a bucket at the end of the track. Can someone book us a ticket to Winton because this sounds like a hoot!


After successfully finishing their Dunny Race, teams headed to the outback, where they needed to excavate and build a buried 3D dinosaur bone puzzle.


After several broken bones, The Parents and The Cowboys assembled their skeletons first, and placed their name on a leader board ahead of the next challenge. Arriving in ninth place, Holly and Dolor used their salvage to jump the queue, and were the first team to attempt the next challenge.


Needing to change two huge truck tyres on an outback road train, the teams soon learnt this was no ordinary challenge. With a Sabotage leaving Shannon speechless, The Mums were the last team to change their tyres, but were silently cheering when they noticed The Dancing Exes, Jordan and Violeta, forgot their bags at the challenge.


At the Detour, teams chose between Pick or Polish, where they could either pick the dirt off enough fleece to fill a bale, or polish 42 solar panels before heading to their third Pit Stop – Longreach’s Stockman’s Hall of Fame.


The Parents, Shane and Deb arrive at the Pit Stop first, followed closely by The

Cowboys, and The Gold Coast Girls. After breaking a dinosaur tail, The Childhood Friends, Malaan and Tina served a 10-minute time penalty before checking in.


Sadly, we said goodbye to The Mums, Shannon and Jude, who were last to arrive and were eliminated from the Race.