Friends is coming to 10 Peach

Friends is coming to 10 Peach

. The battle of the uber popular sitcom reignites as Friends premieres next week on  10 Peach, ready to rival Seinfeld for the coveted title of The World’s Most Popular Television Show.

It’s been a quarter of a century since we met the Friends gang and were subject to the glory that is Ross being Ross, Joey being Joey, the rollercoaster romances between Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Joey and Rachel, and the undeniable bond between Phoebe and her smelly cat.

Starting with the very first episode of the Primetime Emmy Award winning comedy, prepare to laugh, cry and appreciate how this iconic sitcom graced the box across 10 seasons, and ultimately cemented itself in television history.

Network 10, Head of Programming, Daniel Monaghan, said: “Friends is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and its enduring popularity makes it the perfect addition to the 10 Peach schedule. We are not ones to pass up the opportunity to showcase this classic every weeknight on free to air. Could we BE any happier!”

Who knows, you may even learn something. Whether it’s how to use Joey’s “howyoudoin?” phrase to attract a significant other, getting your spray tan spot on with Ross’ “spray, count, pat and turn, spray, count and pat” method, or deciphering what exactly the rules are of a relationship break thanks to the clarity of Ross and Rachel – your favourite Friends will guide the way.

So grab your friends and finally settle the debate: Which is better? Friends or Seinfeld?


From Monday, 14 October At 7.00pm On 10 Peach


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