Foxtel locks in Village Vets Australia Season 2

Foxtel locks in  Village Vets Australia Season 2

Village Vets Australia is returning to the Lifestyle channel next month.

Filmed across the picturesque Shoalhaven region of NSW’s South Coast, Village Vets Australia returns with eight new episodes with s country vets and long-time best mates Dr. James Carroll and Dr. Anthony Bennett returning as hosts.

Since meeting at university, the two have formed an unbeatable friendship and working partnership. Each day, in their clinics and on the farms of Berry and Kangaroo Valley, a myriad of animals can present who need their help – from sick and injured horses, cows, goats and sheep; to much-loved household pets, including ferrets, birds, rabbits, lizards and even pigs, each with their own unique ailments and treatments. No day is ever the same, and this season will see James and Anthony face some of their most challenging cases yet.

Season two will see James and Anthony undertake a major operation on a small dog with a large lung tumour; help facilitate a bull sperm donation to a local charity farm; Milo the alpaca has been attacked by an eagle; Di the Donkey has bad feet and needs urgent attention; and an echidna turns up at the clinic with a terminal case of ticks.

Episode one explores the idea that being a vet is one of the few professions that allow you to be present when life comes full circle. They’re there at the birth of a patient, and when that patient passes – from the rescue birth of a puppy stuck in its mother’s birth canal to the harrowing decision James and his family face, to put their own elderly dog, Bailey, down.

This season Anthony and James are also joined by Associate Vets, Bryden Krebs and Hannah Belling; Graduate Vet, Chris Stott and Vet Nurses, Trish Rosa and Kahlia Bugden.

Thursday, July 30 at 8.30pm.


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