Fox Classics to show Oscar classics in February

This February, Foxtel is celebrating the best in cinema with Oscar-winning movie double features every night from 8.30pm on FOX Classics.

‘A Month of Oscar’ on FOX Classics will see 55 celebrated films which garnered 308 nominations and 118 Academy Award wins, broadcast from February 1 to February 28. The Oscar-winning movie doubles will also include FOX Classics Golden Years of Hollywood features introduced by the legendary Mr Movies, Bill Collins on Saturday nights.

Movie titles featured throughout the month include classics Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe; musical smash West Side Story; Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday; channel premieres The Country Girl starring Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, and The Champion starring Kirk Douglas; along with The Yearling, Sunset Boulevard, and many more exceptional films from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Modern masterpieces featured in February include Born of the Fourth of July, The AccusedA River Runs Through It, A Fish Called Wanda, Wall Street, and plus lots more.

“We’re delighted to screen some of cinemas most-loved films from the early 1930s through to the more recent stand outs from the Academy Awards honour roll. The ‘Month of Oscar’ movie doubles on FOX Classics is a celebration of some of the best films ever made starring some of the most talented actors and actresses from the industry. It’s fantastic to have four Saturday evening movie doubles hosted by Bill Collins to provide his enlightening film introductions and insights that enhance the experience of viewing these treasured films from the archives of Hollywood,” said Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh.

The 89th Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday February 26, 2017 with this year’s finalist nominations for the Best Picture category to be announced soon.



Wed 1st February          The Dirty Dozen 8.35pm (1967)

The High and the Mighty 11.05pm (1954)

Thurs 2nd February       West Side Story 8.35pm (1961)

                                    Holiday Inn 11.00pm (1942)

Fri 3rd February             The Untouchables 8.35pm (1987)

Wall Street 10.35pm (1987)

Sat 4th February            Sunset Boulevard 8.30pm (1950) Golden Years Of Hollywood

                                    A Place in the Sun 10.25pm (1951) Golden Years Of Hollywood

Sun 5th February           In The Heat of the Night 8.30pm (1967)

                                    The Defiant Ones 10.20pm (1958)

Mon 6th February          Marty 8.35pm (1955)

                                    Coal Miner’s Daughter 10.10pm (1980)

Tues 7th February         A River Runs Through It 8.35pm (1992) FOX Classics Premiere

The Yearling 10.40pm (1946)

Wed 8th February          Julia 8.35pm (1977)

                                    Miracle on 34th Street 10.35pm (1947)

Thurs 9th February        Irma La Douce 8.35pm (1963)

                                    Oliver! 11.05pm (1968)

Fri 10th February           Raging Bull 8.35pm (1980)

                                    Chinatown 10.40pm (1974)

Sat 11th February          Jezebel 8.30pm (1938) Golden Years Of Hollywood

                                    Come Back, Little Sheba 10.20pm (1952) Golden Years Of Hollywood

Sun 12th February         Born of the Fourth of July 8.30pm (1989)

High Noon 11.00pm (1952)

Mon 13th February         The Producers 8.35pm (1968)

                                    A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum 10.05pm (1966)

Tues 14th February       Stalag 17 8.35pm (1953)

                                    Shane 10.35pm (1953)

Wed 15th February        Breakfast at Tiffany’s 8.35pm (1961)

                                    Roman Holiday 10.30pm (1953)

Thurs 16th February      Midnight Cowboy 8.35pm (1969)

                                    The Accused 10.30pm (1988)

Fri 17th February           Some Like It Hot 8.35pm (1959)

                                    Pillow Talk 10.40pm (1959)

Sat 18th February          The Naked City 8.30pm (1948) Golden Years Of Hollywood

                                    Champion 10.15pm (1949) Golden Years Of Hollywood FOX Classics Premiere

Sun 19th February         The Ten Commandments 8.30pm (1956)

Mon 20th February         The Apartment (Premiere) 8.35pm (1960)

                                    A Fish Called Wanda 10.40pm (1988)

Tues 21st February        The Guns of Navarone 8.35pm (1961)

                                    Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner 11.10pm (1967)

Wed 22nd February       The Thomas Crown Affair 8.35pm (1968)

                                    The Man Who Knew Too Much 10.20pm (1956)

Thurs 23rd February      The Country Girl 8.35pm (1954) FOX Classics Premiere

                                    To Catch a Thief 10.20pm (1955)

Fri 24th February           The War of the Worlds 8.35pm (1953)

                                    Rosemary’s Baby 10.00pm (1968)

Sat 25th February          Johnny Eager 8.30pm (1942) Golden Years Of Hollywood

                                    Picnic 10.25pm (1955) Golden Years Of Hollywood

Sun 26th February         Hud 8.30pm (1962)

                                    Terms of Endearment 10.25pm (1983)

Mon 27th February         Father Goose 8.35pm (1964)

                                    On The Town 10.35pm (1949)

Tues 28th February       True Grit 8.35pm (1969)

                                    The Alamo 10.45pm (1960)