Four people leave paradise

Four people leave paradise

There was a quadruple exit on Paradise last night.

After a heated Bula Banquet the night before, Matt was disappointed in the way he reacted to Timm’s pot-stirring.

Feeling Paradise was no longer the place for him, Timm pulled Britt aside, telling her he wanted them to leave together and give their relationship a crack on the outside. Happy to leave Paradise with her new boo, the couple packed their bags and walked out of the tropical gates.

Upset that Alex had taken a liking to Keely, Keira wanted to know where their relationship stood. Unimpressed, Alex asked for some space from Keira, although if you ask Keira, she definitely broke up with him first. Definitely.

Much to the delight of the fellas, tall and bronzed Mia from Richie’s season of The Bachelor Australia stepped through the gates, ready to look for some summer lovin’. Excited to see a fellow gal from her season, Kiki was quick to give Mia the Paradise rundown.

When a date card arrived for Matt, it was no surprise he chose to whisk Renee away for some one-on-one time. Unlike their attempt at flying a kite, things were left up in the air, with Matt questioning whether Renee was truly over Ciarran, and ready to move on.

Meanwhile, Brittney turned it up a notch and organised a mini footy match for Jackson and herself. Impressed by Brittney’s ability to have fun, Jackson planted a kiss on the lucky lady, assuring her she’d moved out of the friendzone.

Sensing Jackson was swaying towards Brittney, Cass was looking for a new man. Revealing that Alex had caught her eye, Cass joined Keely and Keira in the queue for Alex’s rose.

At the cocktail party, Alex admitted to Keira he wasn’t sure who his rose would go to. After chatting to Keely, he learnt that Keira made her feel uncomfortable pursuing him. Jumping on the sentiment, Cass advised Alex that if he did want a shot at love with whoever walked into Paradise next, he should remove Keira from the picture.

In the end, Alex gave his rose to Keira, and the group said farewell to Cass and Keely.