Flamboyant Friends Fail To Step Up

Flamboyant Friends Fail To Step Up

Travelling to a very frozen Athens in Greece, teams were shocked not only by the weather but by how quickly some succeeded in shooting bow and arrows at a target to get to the next challenge.

Learning an ancient fable while in transit to their next destination, it was Teams who put the rhyme to a beat who had the most success at reciting in unison and moving on.

At the Detour, some teams chose to Step Up and learn a Greek marching routine or Step Down to make Greek sandals and compete in a three legged race.

With it definitely not being sandal weather in Greece, it was Step Up that saw teams head to the front of the pack.

The final challenge was feeding each other Spanakopita, which honestly sounded delicious. In the end it was Angel and Frankie who hit the mat in first place, with Sam and Alex landing in final place and eliminated from The Race.


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