Flack Season 2 gets May premiere on Fox One

Flack Season 2 gets May premiere on Fox One

Foxtel presents the second season of the drama series Flack next month on Fox One.

Season two picks up six weeks after the party where Robyn (Paquin) was caught cheating on her partner Sam (Arinze Kene) with her work colleague Eve’s (Lydia Wilson) boyfriend and is also shunned by her sister Ruth (Genevieve Angelston) for her self-destructive lifestyle.  The first episode dives into the messy life of Robyn as she continues to work and attempts to try rebuild her broken relationships and clean up her act, all while discovering she is pregnant.


Other returning main cast include Sophie Okonedo as Robyn’s blunt and eccentric boss Caroline, Rebecca Benson as former intern Melody and Rufus Jones as Ruth’s husband Mark. 


The six-episode second season also features new cast members Sam Neill as Caroline’s ex-husband Duncan Paulson, and Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii 5-O) as Gabriel Cole Eve’s new romantic interest.


FLACK season two streams on Foxtel Now and screens on FOX ONE from Monday May 18 a 7.30pm.