Five Bedrooms Season 3 Trailer

Five Bedrooms Season 3 Trailer

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Promise yourself you’ll binge all eight new episodes of original Australian Paramount+ drama Five Bedrooms when it lands next month .

Five Bedrooms does not shy away from how raw, messy and nuanced life is, which is best celebrated in the hands of our exceptional ensemble cast. There’s the fallen socialite Liz (Kat Stewart), laconic tradie Ben (Stephen Peacocke), firecracker middle-aged mum Heather (Doris Younane), cautious gay doctor (Roy Joseph), tragic romantic Ainsley (Katie Robertson) and the eager-to-please Simmo (Johnny Carr).

This surrogate family are more fiercely loving and functional than your average biological clan. The arrangement that began as a risky short-term solution is now an empirical success, a genuine long-term prospect, and maybe even a preferable version of family and life?

In season three, Evie’s nursery has been turned into a functioning bed and breakfast that is finally ready for its debut, there’s a break-up for the house to navigate, an opportunity to become a parent, and finally, the first Five Bedrooms wedding.

Each of these events strike at the core question of the series – what’s the best way to live a life, and who are the best people to live that life with?

Streaming Exclusively On Paramount+, From 1 January, 2022.


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