Five Bedrooms Season 2 Review

Five Bedrooms Season 2 Review

On Wednesday, one of Australia’s breakout hits in Five Bedrooms makes its long-awaited return, but is it possible to top an impressive first season?

When we last saw the gang at the end of season 1, Harry (Roy Joseph) had finally come out to his mum Manju (Kumund Merani), who accepted him; Heather (Dorris Younane) and Ben’s (Stephen Peacocke) relationship was out in the open; Ainsley (Katie Robinson) discovered she was pregnant to her ex Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan), who’s wife Melanie (Kate Jenkonson) is also expecting his baby; and Liz (Kat Stewart) realized just how much she liked the living situation as the house is sold.

When we rejoin the group in season 2, three months have passed and our quintet is still looking for a new home. Harry, who is now out and proud, has Heather selecting dates by an app, only to discover that she’s set him up with the auctioneer, Anton  (Matthew Backer Operation Buffalo). Is this just what he needs, or is a different path ahead for Harry?

The auction is thrown into chaos when Liz spots her ex-husband Stuart (Rodger Corser Doctor Doctor) in the crowd with a baby and a mystery, meanwhile Ben tries to convince Heather that they should live as a couple in one room.

The characters are taken in place you won’t see coming and the second season is just as good, if not better than the first. The already established cast is bolstered by the addition of Rodger Corser, Josh McKenzie (Bad Mothers) as the charming Xavier, and Daniel Lapaine (Upright) as Ben’s brother Joseph.

Through the first three episodes watched for this review, creators Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett and the rest of the team deliver a second instalment full of joy, laughs and occasional tears.

There’s nothing to fault here, Five Bedrooms is without a doubt back and it’s well worth checking back in.

5 Stars

Five Bedrooms season 2 premieres on Paramount+ on Wednesday.


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