Fish choice spoils entrée for MKR’s Arrnott and Fuzz

Fish choice spoils entrée for MKR’s Arrnott and Fuzz

Tonight on MKR, Arrnott (44) and Fuzz (34) from NSW proudly served their Fijian heritage on a plate. The vibrant flavours of the Pacific were a hit around the table, but the team’s choice of fish for their entrée hindered their final score. 

Arrnott and Fuzz presented their entrée of Kokoda with Root Crop Crisps. The team had to pivot to dory after their favoured fish for the dish, a fattier deep sea perch, wasn’t available. The critiques were mixed around the table; some teams loved it, while others were critical of the cut and choice of fish.    

Judge Manu Feildel said the entrée recipe ticked all the boxes, but their choice of fish and their preparation of the protein had let them down, saying the fish cut meant some pieces were cured better than others. He said it was a “gorgeous dish, wrong seafood” and would have preferred a Spanish mackerel. 

The balance of citrus and coconut in the entrée impressed judge Nigella Lawson, but she agreed an oilier fish would have been a better choice and said they should have cut the pieces more evenly.  

The team served up a main of Fijian Lobster Curry with Coconut Rice and Island Salsa, a recipe from Fuzz’s mother. 

Nigella was surprised with the minimal presentation of the dish but was pleased to see it tasted much better than it looked. 

“Who cares how it looks when it tastes so beautiful!” countered Manu. 

When Arrnott and Fuzz’s dessert of Vudi Vakasoso with Coconut Ice Cream hit the table, it wasn’t the best-looking dessert of the competition, but it was big on flavour. It was a winner with almost everyone around the table, except Steven and Frena, who are facing elimination at the bottom of the leader board.

The South Australian couple stated they didn’t like the dish, citing bland ice cream, a too-salty sauce and the addition of the banana. Steven and Frena’s dismissal of the dish raised suspicions around the table. “People are saying it’s glorious, but Steven and Frena don’t like it…something’s going on,” mused Alice.  

Nigella “adored” the caramel sauce, saying it had an intensity of flavour, but criticised the use of the banana, saying the contrast was lost.

Manu agreed the banana may have been better as a whole on a bed of caramel. He liked the dish but felt the team’s plating was “non existent”. 

Scoring 81/110 for their menu, Arrnott and Fuzz settled into third place on the leader board, left determined to do better next time they cook in the competition. 


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