First AGT Grand Finalists revealed

 First AGT Grand Finalists revealed

The first three of six AGT Grand Finalists were revealed tonight in a show-stopping Semi-Final

Circus performer Walison Muh, 11-year-old singer Sienna Kaitlyn, and head-to-head balancing acrobats Ramadhani brothers moved one step closer to AGT glory and the $100,000 grand prize.

The Ramadhani brothers left the judges in awe with their most extreme performance yet, cementing their coveted AGT Grand Final spot. 

Kate Ritchie, who awarded the Tanzanian performers her Golden Buzzer after their initial audition, said: “My heart was in my throat. I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. We’ve never, ever seen anything like that before. You guys can win this.”

Alesha Dixon described their act as “a masterpiece and a demonstration on how to blow everybody else out of the competition”.

David Walliams added: “Every single moment was electric. You’ve come here to win.”

Walison Muh, who joined the circus in Brazil at the age of 13, was emotional after advancing to the AGT Grand Final. His distinctive performance, featuring Shane Jacobson on stage, captured the judges’ hearts.

Alesha declared: “I love you, you are so unique, a breath of fresh air.”  David agreed, calling Walison’s performance “truly, truly magic”.

Sienna Kaitlyn’s decision to take on a huge song – Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love – paid off as host Ricki-Lee said her performance “blew the roof off this place”.

Kate praised Sienna’s courage, while Shane announced: “That stage was yours and you are supposed to be here.”

Alesha added: “I hope when you are picking up your Grammy in 15 years they show this clip.”


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