Financial Review Sunday June 8

Financial Review  Sunday June 8

 This week Financial Review  Sunday looks at Westfield and Facebook and a few other things.

WESTFIELD WAR  The battle between the Westfield Group and shareholders of the Westfield Retail Trust has been given a D-Day, when the controversially adjourned shareholder meeting will reconvene.  The property giant’s proposed restructure has divided shareholders, and this week the AFR’s Mike Smith speaks to WRT Chairman Dick Warburton about why the board has backed the plan and how he sees the impasse being resolved.

YEAR IN REVIEW It is almost the end of financial year, so we take a look back at the investments which have performed well, and those which have struggled, plus a hint of what the next financial year might hold.  WithPatrick Farrell from BT, Mark Delaney from Australian Super & David Stuart from Mercer.

FACEBOOK FUTURE The social media giant has the equivalent of the population of India logging in each day to share information and connect with friends.  But as our internet use evolves, what does Facebook have planned?  Its high profile acquisitions of WhatsApp and virtual reality company Oculus VR may provide some insight.  Deborah Knight sat down with Facebook’s Australian managing director William Easton to discuss the future, and the unique culture at the trendsetting company.

Host Deborah Knight will be joined on the panel by AFR Chanticleer columnist Mike Smith. There’ll be breaking news from the Street Talk team, and in Rear Window Will Glasgow shines a light into one of Australia’s most private clubs.

10 AM Sunday June 8 on Nine.


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