Final siren sounds for Dayne

Final siren sounds for Dayne

Tonight on Big Brother VIP, as Ellie and Dayne bunkered down in Big Brother’s gym plotting their revenge, Big Brother announced an emergency evacuation, locking all the housemates in the backyard and replacing their VIP privileges with basic rations and sleeping bags.  

After a hellish night sleeping outside, where Big Brother toyed with their sanity by blasting car alarm and helicopter noises, the VIPs woke early to find their status had been revoked. 

One by one the housemates were forced to plead their case to Big Brother to have their VIP status reinstated, with some stories taking an emotional turn; Luke shed tears recalling how Australian audiences backed him after Australian Survivor, Imogen revealed her insecurities about being a VIP and Jessika spoke about how her life was turned upside down after Married at First Sight.

All housemates eventually had their VIP status restored and were welcomed back into the Big Brother Hotel, where Big Brother surprised them with a seafood dinner to celebrate their position in the top five. 

The celebrations were short-lived as Big Brother dropped a bombshell, revealing that Ellie and Dayne were still in the hotel and had a chance to return to the game the following day. On hearing the news, Imogen and Jess launched into a rampage. 

The atmosphere was intense as Dayne and Ellie re-joined the housemates for the nomination challenge. Josh and Thomas triumphed, meaning Dayne and Ellie were both up for nomination.

Back in the Hotel, Ellie clicked into survival mode, pitching hard while Dayne took a relaxed approach believing his position was safe – a fatal error which saw him sent home by the difference of a single vote. 


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