Final MAFS Commitment Ceremony

It has been eight long weeks in the experiment and the six remaining couples have reached the final Commitment Ceremony. It’s been an intense week and with Final Vows approaching, tonight’s decisions are crucial for every couple.

After last night’s intense Dinner Party, some couples are at breaking point. With Bronte having been a no-show, all couples are expecting Bronte and Harrison to leave. It has been a challenging morning for Lyndall and Cameron, with his admission of not wanting to compromise his life for Lyndall. Melinda and Layton are still at loggerheads and unable to resolve their issues.

They are the first couple on the couch. Melinda pours her heart out about how she felt when Layton refused to take part in the new pairings task, and not seeing her point of view. John calls Layton out for trying to control everything and makes him realise that he needs to let his guard down to really hear Melinda.

Ollie reveals he felt insecure during the couple swap task and missed Tahnee. He admits he often feels like he’s not good enough in life and how Tahnee reassures him by saying he’s more than good enough. They realise that they both needed to start telling each other how they feel, rather than just showing it in other ways. John commends Ollie for being brave and vulnerable.

Rupert and Evelyn are next, with Evelyn first pulling Harrison up on his relationship meddling and getting the group involved. Melinda pulls the conversation back to the couple and Evelyn reveals that she wants to be courted more by Rupert.

Cameron is still adamant he is not able to give up on his work commitments and that working remotely means Lyndall will have to compromise. Lyndall talks about how she is feeling and how much Cameron is asking of her. She’s scared to bring up moving and the future because of how he will react. He admits that he sees things in black and white and acknowledges he can change the way he speaks.

Next up on the couch is Duncan and Alyssa. Duncan tells us that he was broken and left crying after the couple swap task due to Alyssa not being able to hear or see how he is feeling or see things from his point of view. Alyssa is upset as she feels blindsided by this revelation – he never told her he was so upset.

The final couple on the couch is Bronte and Harrison. Harrison reveals that he’s put boundaries in place to hold Bronte accountable for her behaviour: talking poorly to friends and family about him and expressing the need to leave the relationship. He considers these things deal breakers. Bronte reveals that Lyndall heard Harrison call Bronte a gas lighter and fake. When Melinda asks him if this is true, he claims he doesn’t recall and Melinda challenges him.

Decision time arrives for Bronte and Harrison. Bronte reveals that she wants to stay because she wants to show Harrison her home in Perth. Harrison also chooses to stay. The group calls out the inconsistencies and Harrison fights back.

So as we head into homestay all 6 couples are still in the experiment  


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