Fifteen-Love set for July Premiere on BBC First

Fifteen-Love set for July Premiere on BBC First

Fifteen-Love, a provocative new drama set in the world of elite tennis, is set to premiere on BBC First in July.

From the makers of Line of Duty and Vigil, the seriespromises to tackle themes and issues within the world of sport that aren’t often shown on screen. It’s written by Hania Elkington and explores the “intense rapport” between tennis prodigy Justine Pearce (newcomer Ella Lily Hyland) and her maverick coach Glenn Lapthorn (Aidan Turner) and looks into the grayer areas that come with relationships and power dynamics.

Fifteen-Love centers on Justine Pearce, a teenage prodigy who had a meteoric rise in the elite world of Grand Slam tennis. Together with her maverick coach, Glenn Lapthorn, Justine reached the semi-finals of the French Open. However, as the world watched, her dreams were brutally shattered by a career-ending injury. Five years on, it seems Justine has finally healed – physically and psychologically – until she makes an explosive allegation against her former coach. And as they both seek glory at the grass court event of the year, Justine and Glenn’s battle over the truth will force everyone to reconsider what they thought they knew about their past success. Examining the intense pressures of professional sport, Fifteen-Love is a gripping and sensitive exploration of trust, power and obsession – and what can be lost when you’ll do anything to win…

Series writer/creator Hania Elkington said: “The voice of women in sport has never been heard as loudly and clearly as over the last two years. From Simon Biles to Naomi Osaka, Emma Raducanu to Pam Shriver, the pressures and realities of being at the top of your game on the world stage are finally breaking through to us, making us look again at the price our young prodigies can pay for the goals they work so hard to achieve.”

“Writing this drama, and the people I’ve met through my deep-dive into researching it, has been revelatory. I hope that Fifteen-Lovehas the same effect on its audience, and can become another valuable part of this urgent, emerging story.”

The cast in this series include newcomer Ella Lily Hyland (Silent Roar), Aidan Turner (The Hobbit Film Series, Poldark), Anna Chancellor (The Crown), Jess Darrow (Encanto), Tom Varey (Ridley Road), Lorenzo Richelmy (Marco Polo), Manon Azem (Your Honour) and Chuku Modu (The Good Doctor).

Fifteen-Love will premiere on BBC First on Sundays at 8.30pm from July 23 and will be available to stream On Demand and through Binge.


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