Feel Good Review

Feel Good Review

This week Netflix releases Feel Good, a comedy that is a lot more than it appears.

Feel Good tells the story of Mae Martin (Mae Martin), a rising talent on the stand-up circuit. While performing, she meets George (Charlotte Ritchie), a teacher who brought her friend Blinky (Ophelia Lovibond) to the show and she didn’t like it. When Charlotte apologies, sparks fly and they quickly move in together with Charlotte’s housemate, Phil (Phil Burgers).

What starts out as a simple premise becomes a lot more complex when Mae Skypes her parents Linda (Lisa Kudrow) and Malcolm (Adrian Lukis), who reminds Mae to attend a meeting – Mae has drug problems and George has her own issues to deal with, one being she’s never been in a same-sex relationship before.

When Mae attends meetings, she finds a sponsor in Maggie (Sophie Thompson). With a lot to juggle, will Mae and Charlotte find a way to work, or is Mae replacing one addiction with another?

At only six 30-minute episodes, Feel Good, which was created by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson is a short and punchy binge full of emotion. Martin and Ritchie have a chemistry that makes the show work around them with such ease. Kudrow and Thompson are given some meat to chew also as their character arcs develop.

A deeply personal, dark but hilarious story about two young people navigating the modern-day landscape of love, addiction, and sexuality, all with a touch of humour. Feel Good promises to be a hidden gem in an ever-expanding Netflix Original slate.

4 Stars.

Feel Good drops Thursday on Netflix.