Fast Forwards, Fast Cars And A Painfully Slow Pit Stop.

Fast Forwards, Fast Cars And A Painfully Slow Pit Stop.
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No filter can hide the fact that The Influencers Sid and Ash become the sixth team eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.

For the first Roadblock, teams channelled their inner Tarzan by swinging through the Batoka Gorge to receive their next clue. While only one team member needed to make the terrifying 70 metre plunge across the Zambezi, a Speedbump meant Sid and Ash both needed to dive in head-first to receive their next clue.

Footy Mates Tom and Tyler were the first team to finish their bungee jump and scored themselves a shot at a Fast Forward. To earn an express ticket to the Pit Stop, the boys needed to match the different animal dung to their owner. “Fluent in talking crap” (their words, not ours), it was no surprise that Tom and Tyler sorted through the droppings in no time. It was however, a shock to learn that none of the poop belonged to any of the gorge jumpers.

With Tom and Tyler firmly at the front of the pack, the remaining teams travelled to the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, where they needed to scout for signs of poachers to receive their next clue.

Once they had spotted all signs of intruders on the Reserve, Teams needed to drive to the Chisuma Primary School and search for their next clue. Having made up time, Sid and Ash managed to catch up to the other teams. With a tight race to the school, Ash sped past the competition with a maniacal chuckle and an echo of “flog it, flog it, flog it” cheering her on.

At the school, teams chose between cooking a traditional Zimbabwean meal or assembling playground equipment. Proving she is a woman of many talents, Ash showed that she both a MasterChef and an F1 driver, and zipped through the cooking challenge.

Footy Mates Tom and Tyler were the first team to arrive at Mpala Village, the eighth Pit Stop of The Amazing Race Australia.

For their last challenge, teams needed to walk to the Pit Stop while carrying two large water buckets on their heads. After starting the day last, a massive effort saw Sid and Ash become the second team to check in. Their efforts were all but futile when host Beau Ryan handed them a one hour penalty for speeding. They were sent to the naughty corner and forced to wait out their penalty until they could check in.

Carrying the water buckets was no easy feat. While Newlyweds Tim and Rod used their catwalk perfect posture to strut to the finish line, the buckets proved too heavy for pint-sized Mighty Siblings Viv and Joey. Viv crumbled under the weight of the bucket, and while Joey did all he could to help her, they slipped to the very back of the pack.

An emotional Viv and Joey were the last to arrive at the Pit Stop, but with The Influencers sitting out their time penalty, were the fifth team to check in. Once the time was up, Sid and Ash checked in last and were eliminated from the Race. Some will say it’s karma for stealing from nuns, others will say it’s punishment for pretending to be Vin Diesel. The truth is, it’s a bit of both.