Farmer Wants A Wife returns in 2024

Farmer Wants A Wife returns in 2024

Following the success of the 2023 season of Farmer Wants A Wife, the Seven Network today revealed a fresh crop of farmers ready to embark on their quest to find true love in an exciting new season of the hit series on Channel 7 n 2024.

Casting is now open for single ladies looking to find their happily-ever-after on the land, as part of the brand-new season of Australia’s beloved bush fairy tale.

The 2024 farmers* include Farmer Dustin (26, Condobolin, NSW), Farmer Nick (22, Hindmarsh Tiers, South Australia), Farmer Joe (33, Nimmitabel, NSW), Farmer Bert (30, Wamuran, Queensland), Farmer Zac (28, Strathalbyn, South Australia), Farmer Dean (25, Kandanga, Queensland), Farmer Todd (33, Narrabri, NSW) and Farmer Tom (22, Tabilk, Victoria)

*­Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 will feature five of the eight farmers mentioned above. 

Meet the farmers

Farmer Dustin, 26, Condobolin, NSW 

Third-generation cattle, sheep, goat and crop farmer Dustin feels a huge sense of responsibility to continue the family legacy. He has a heart of gold, is cheeky and loves to “take the mickey”. 

Dustin describes himself as a “girlfriend guy” whose ideal partner is happy, fun-loving, thick-skinned and has a good sense of humour. He comes from a very tight knit family, so it’s very important that his partner gets along with the family. 

He wants to be married with kids by the time he turns 30. 

Read Dustin’s full bio here

Farmer Nick, 22, Hindmarsh Tiers, South Australia 

This third-generation Italian dairy farmer is incredibly mature for his age. 

A big talker, Nick never runs out of things to say. He enjoys travelling and cooking with his Nonna and is passionate about improving quality and productivity on the farm. 

Nick does not believe in gender stereotypes and isn’t interested in a trophy wife. He’s looking for someone to “do life with” and wants to fall head over heels in love before marrying her. 

Read Nick’s full bio here

Farmer Joe, 33, Nimmitabel, NSW  

After living and working around the world, Joe’s family’s cattle and sheep farm is where his heart is. It’s his dream to bring the farm back to its full potential. 

Joe is a passionate rugby player and loves horses, fishing and travel. A bit of a social butterfly, his charmful smile and playful cheeky personality is infectious. 

Family is everything to Joe; he will cancel personal plans to make time for them, which is one of the qualities he’s looking for in his future wife. He is extremely close to his mother, whom he cared for during her breast cancer battle three years ago. 

Read Joe’s full bio here

Farmer Bert, 30, Wamuran, Queensland 

Fourth-generation pineapple, dragon fruit and pumpkin farmer, and a third-generation Bert, this farmer is impeccably mannered, selfless and honest, with a heart of gold. 

Bert has worked hard to take over the family farm and runs it on his own. He now wants someone with whom to share it.

His ideal partner is funny, outgoing, adventurous, understands long hours of his work, can banter and gets along with everyone, especially his nanna, whose disapproval could be a dealbreaker. 

Read Bert’s full bio here

Farmer Zac, 28, Strathalbyn, South Australia 

A third-generation cattle and crop farmer, there is more to Zac than meets the eye.

A contract helicopter musterer, he owns three helicopters and runs a helicopter scenic tours business in South Australia. He is also a qualified agronomist and will take over the farm after his parents retire.

Zac’s ready to settle down and says he is tired of sleeping alone in a swag, looking up to the stars and dreaming of his future wife. He wants to find someone who’s loyal, quick witted and easy going.

Read Zac’s full bio here

Farmer Dean, 25, Kandanga, Queensland 

Dean is a third-generation cattle and watermelon farmer. 

Looking up to his parents’ marriage of 30 years and his grandparents’ marriage of 67 years, he wants to find a Mrs Deano who can chase a few cows with him.

He’s not picky when it comes to choosing a partner, but he’s looking for someone who’s outgoing, hardworking, driven and is keen to have a crack. 

Read Dean’s full bio here

Farmer Todd, 33, Baan Ba, NSW   

Third-generation beef farmer Todd wants what his parents and sister have: a happy, loving marriage with kids. 

An all-round, likeable, sweet, well-mannered but cheeky country boy, he feels a bit left behind as the last single fella standing among his mates. 

Todd’s looking for someone who’s smart, genuine, easy going, happy to enjoy the farm-life and willing to have a go. She should also be able to take a joke as Todd will definitely give her a bit of a ribbing. 

Read Todd’s full bio here

Farmer Tom, 22, Tabilk, Victoria    

This 22-year-old third-generation cattle and crop farmer has had his own contracting business working on other farms since he was a teenager. He also runs the family farm in partnership with his dad.

Tom has a practical approach to life and a seriousness that’s tempered by a genuine ability to laugh at himself. He enjoys country music festivals and horse shows and loves to travel. 

For Tom, falling in love is one of the most important things in life. He is very serious about finding “the one” but approaches it with good humour. 

Read Tom’s full bio here

The global phenomenon returns with Sam Armytage as host and Natalie Gruzlewski as co-host.


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