Farmer Wants A Wife returns in 2023

Farmer Wants A Wife returns in 2023

Before the 2022 season of global phenomenon Farmer Wants A Wife arrives on Channel 7 and 7plus, the Seven Network today revealed that a fresh crop of farmers will take their shot at love in 2023. 

Casting is now open for those looking to find their happily-ever-after on the land, as part of the exciting new season of Australia’s beloved bush fairy tale.

The new season is set to feature five* hard-working Aussie farmers, including: Farmer Dylan (25, Wesley Vale, Tasmania), Farmer David (29, Pozieres, Queensland), Farmer Brad (32, Cootamundra, NSW), Farmer Brenton (26, Darriman, Victoria), Farmer Matt (23, Bookham, NSW), Farmer Lachy (28, Millmerran, Queensland) and Farmer Andrew (41, Narromine, NSW). 

*Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 will feature five of the seven farmers mentioned above  

Farmer Wants A Wife Returning to Channel 7 and 7plus in 2023

Meet the farmers

Farmer Dylan, 25 – Wesley Vale, Tasmania 

Third-generation potato farmer Dylan has a happy-go-lucky attitude, is easy to be around and always wears a smile on his face. 

Dylan is looking for someone who understands him, can handle a laugh, loves spending quality time together and always kisses him goodnight. In five years’ time, he sees himself married, living life to the fullest with his better half, and mortgage free. 

Read Dylan’s full bio here

Farmer David, 29 – Pozieres, Queensland 

David is a civil engineer turned apple farmer. This fourth-generation farmer describes himself as an outgoing person who likes to enjoy life, while maintaining a focus on building a future on the farm. 

Love for David is about finding the ultimate teammate to do life with. He’s looking for someone who shares his world on a deeper level than anyone else. David believes he would bring a sense of adventure to a relationship, while being a caring and supportive partner.

Read David’s full bio here

Farmer Brad, 32 – Cootamundra, NSW 

Brad is a crop and cattle farmer who enjoys being around people. He doesn’t take life too seriously but can be serious when need be. 

Brad coaches a Rugby Union team, is a charity auctioneer and a go-to MC for weddings. He’s a good communicator and has no trouble talking about his feelings or expressing them by writing a few songs.

Brad would like his partner to be his best mate as well as his team mate.

Read Brad’s full bio here

Farmer Brenton, 26 – Darriman, Victoria 

This sixth-generation cattle farmer is always up for a good time and a laugh. 

Brenton can be shy when he meets new people, but once he gets to know them, he’ll do everything he can to make sure they are having a good time. He loves country music but has a soft spot for Taylor Swift as well. 

Brenton is looking for someone who’s kind, takes pride in herself, gets along with everyone and is easy to talk to.

Read Brenton’s full bio here

Farmer Matt, 23 – Bookham, NSW 

Matt is a fifth-generation sheep and cattle farmer. 

Matt claims to be well-versed in the world of cooking and cleaning. He’s well-travelled with lots of stories to tell, is a hopeless romantic and, as he knows lots of random facts, would make an excellent trivia partner. He’s also a volunteer firefighter. 

Matt believes that the most exciting thing about love is that it can you hit you in face when you least expect it. He is looking for someone who’ll be happy with the busy aspects of farm life.

Read Matt’s full bio here

Farmer Lachy, 28 – Millmerran, Queensland

Standing tall at six feet and three inches, this crop and cattle farmer considers himself charismatic and a true gentleman. 

Lachy loves to cook, and smoking meats is his specialty. He also has a barn that turns into a nightclub. 

Lachy lives a happy life that he wants to enrich by finding someone to share it with. He admires the hard work his parents have put in their 29-year-long marriage. Lachy thinks he would make a fantastic dad.

Read Lachy’s full bio here

Farmer Andrew, 41 – Narromine, NSW 

Andrew is a crop and sheep farmer who dreams big, looks at the bigger picture and knows that the only way is forward. 

Not the typical farmer, Andrew’s interests stretch beyond the farm. He goes for Latin and Ballroom dancing lessons once a week, plays tennis and golf, and is an avid reader. He’s easy-going, fun, loyal, hardworking, engaging and honest. 

Andrew believes that love comes when you least expect. It works in mysterious ways, requires nurturing, brings people together and bonds them closely. He’s looking for someone who knows what she wants, is open to self-growth and enjoys being in a relationship that encourages the freedom to be you. 

Read Andrew’s full bio here

Farmer Wants A Wife Returning to Channel 7 and 7plus in 2023


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