Farmer Rob turns his back on love as Sam and Matt welcome new ladies to the farm

Farmer Rob turns his back on love as Sam and Matt welcome new ladies to the farm

Last night on Farmer Wants A Wife, Farmer Rob turned his back on love as Farmers Matt and Sam bolstered their chances of finding the one, each inviting a new lady chosen by their mother back to the farm. And a passionate kiss marked the beginning of something new for Farmer Andrew and Ash.  

Farmer Andrew took 28-year-old retail manager Ash on a kayaking date. Cosy by the campfire under the stars, the pair talked about what they wanted in life. Andrew wants the easy and loving relationship his parents have and admitted he sees those qualities in Ash. It wasn’t long before the two shared an incredible kiss, leaving Ash “so happy.” 

The following day, 27-year-old community relations worker, Jess, asked Andrew about his date with Ash. Reluctantly he confessed he had kissed Ash. Jess struggled with the situation, saying in her interview to camera, “it makes me feel sick thinking about the guy you like hooking up with other girls. Feels like a bit of a kick in the guts.” Andrew tried to apologise and admitted it was a difficult situation. 

While mustering sheep, Farmer Rob had the stark realisation that he hadn’t found love with any of his three remaining ladies and felt the need to tell them straight away. “Unfortunately you can’t manufacture love, and if there isn’t a spark there, there’s nothing to build on.”

With 36-year-old event coordinator, Lucy; 34-year-old business owner, Meg; and 34-year-old social worker, Katie, in the kitchen, a crestfallen Rob explained, “I probably think we’re great friends, but I don’t think I feel that lightning bolt connection with any of you.” Appreciating the ladies’ busy lives with careers and children, Rob suggested it was best to leave the farm. “Oh for f**sake,” said Meg letting rip to camera after Rob announced his news. “This is my chance at finding love.” 

Lucy was slightly more circumspect but feared Rob didn’t get to know her. “We don’t want to settle for half-arsed love. We want that spark; we want it to be amazing. If only we had that chance to build a connection. I think he would see how much we have in common.”

The rapid decline in lodging numbers at Rob’s farm wasn’t the only shock of the night. Farmers were introduced to a new lady chosen for them by their mother! The Farmers’ existing ladies were not impressed. A dumfounded Ash said: “I had mum’s approval. I don’t know why she had to go and pick someone else!”

The Farmers met their mothers’ chosen ladies for a date at the pub. Despite enjoying a lovely evening with their respective dates, 31-year-old executive assistant Emily and 34-year-old embryologist Brooke, Andrew and Will decided they had stronger connections with the ladies already on the farm and chose not to invite them back. 

Farmer Sam was smitten as soon as he met his mother’s choice, 24-year-old dental nurse Chelsea, and nervously invited her back to the farm to meet the other ladies. It was an icy reception. “I realised I was going to come into a situation like this, but I didn’t realise that it was going to be like this,” said Chelsea of her welcome at the farm. Reading the room, Sam admitted there were tricky times ahead. “It’s going to be hard to give you more time than the other girls without them reacting crazy about it.”       

“Blown away” after meeting his mum’s pick, 27-year-old photographer Jacqui, Matt invited her home to the farm where he openly shared with the girls how great his date was. Jacqui isn’t welcomed by the girls and admitted the situation was “very daunting.”

Still not having been chosen for a one-on-one date and sensing Andrew has stronger connections with the other ladies, 26-year-old receptionist Caity decided to leave the farm.  


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