Farmer Andrew’s tough decision

Farmer Andrew’s tough decision

Last night on Farmer Wants A Wife, Farmer Andrew’s romantic river bath with Jess screeched to a halt when the 27-year-old community relations worker revealed she was unsure about moving to the country. Twenty-five-year-old executive assistant Tara also decided to leave Matt’s farm after struggling with his growing connection with Alex. 

Out to impress, Andrew set up a hot bathtub by the river, complete with rose petals from his mother’s garden. With champagne in hand, the conversation took a serious turn, with Andrew confirming his feelings for Jess but questioning if she would ever move to the farm. “It feels like a really big commitment right now. I don’t know if I’m ready to say ‘110% in six months I’ll be here.”

Farmer Matt took 22-year-old waitress Alex to a secluded swimming hole for their one-on-one date and asked how she felt about their connection. Alex opened up to Matt, saying, “I’m really happy with how we’re going. Even though we haven’t had the one-on-one date, there’s still a little something there, do you know what I mean?” Matt agreed, saying trust was a big issue for him, but he felt like he could trust her. Alex smiled and leaned in for a kiss. 

After the one-on-one dates, it was time for the ladies to meet their Farmers’ families and friends. Matt’s brother, Andrew, and friend, Aaron, had lunch with the ladies. Matt was keen to know what they thought of his three main connections, 25-year-old personal assistant Hayley, Tara and Alex. Matt’s brother was impressed with Alex’s mature attitude, telling Matt that he should “let the quiet ones come through, don’t be blinded by the ones in your face.”    

Andrew’s mother Robyn admitted she’d never given advice to her son on his love life but flagged the realities of moving to a small country town. “If anyone’s going to move down here, there are some compromises you’ll have to make for love.” 

At the farewell dinners, Farmer Sam told 22-year-old receptionist Nickia he had to follow his heart, and it was time for her to leave the farm. Farmer Rob and 52-year-old lawyer Sarah decided they shared a lovely new friendship, but nothing more. In a move that upset 32-year-old nurse Jaimee, Farmer Will decided he didn’t want anyone to go home. “We’re over halfway. We’re almost done. You should know if you have that connection or not. Will should know by now and maybe should have sent someone home tonight,” said Jaimee. 

Farmer Andrew didn’t ask any of the ladies to leave but did revisit his earlier conversation with Jess, saying he wanted to know he wasn’t wasting his time. “I have a lot going on at home at the moment, so it’s really hard to give a definite answer,” said Jess acknowledging she wasn’t reassuring enough, but she wanted to be as honest as she could. 

Farmer Matt struggled to see a strong spark with 27-year-old photographer Jacqui and 25-year-old plumber Brydie, but Tara blindsided him, choosing to leave the farm. Admitting she had been struggling in the last few weeks, Tara said she needed to go home. “I hope she’s making the right decision. What really hurt the most was watching her drive away. That’s when I realised you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” Matt confessed to camera.       


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