Family Feud Launches July 14

Family Feud Launches July 14

Ten has now locked in it’s 6pm alternative to the news for a few weeks time.

The alternative is of course Family Feud hosted by Grant Denyer. the fresh, re-energised version of one of the world’s best game shows in which two families of four are brought together and go head-to-head answering questions that have been put to 100 people, to determine the most popular responses.

Family Feud is a fantastic show that the entire family can truly sit down all together and enjoy,” said Denyer.“I think viewers will love how fun, fast and funny this new series is. Hilarious and unexpected answers are the brilliance of this show; you can never anticipate what falls out of someone’s mouth under pressure and neither can they. It’s really fun to watch, it’s incredibly enjoyable to play along with at home and I think that it’s a perfect family alternative for 6pm.”

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Grant is a great presenter and Family Feud is a much-loved and well-tested format. Together they make a great combination and will give Australians a fun, exciting and entertaining show.”

A series of too-cheeky-for-TV clips will be exclusively available on and You Tube, plus Beamly will offer a play-along game that lets viewers play along with the action as it happens on screen.

 6 PM Monday July 14 on Ten




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