Extant Review

Extant Review

Extant looks like a science fiction show but is it something else?

At the heart of this story is Molly Woods (Hallie Berry), an astronaut who returns home after a 13-month solo space mission. When she returns to earth we meet Husband, John (Goran Visnjic), a scientist who created their son Ethan, (Pierce Gagnon) who gives us a first glimpse into a  futuristic world in which we discover he is in fact a humanich (robot).

After attending a party in her honour, Extant, really picks up when after a routine check-up with her doctor – who also happens to be her closet girlfriend, Sam (Camryn Manheim) – Who reveals she is pregnant. This leads to flashbacks to the space mission Molly was on and what transpires during a solar flare; which is confusing and everyone wants answers but molly isn’t prepared to give any.

Another subplot in the pilot involves John trying to get funding for his project. There are more of his robot children and it is stressed the robots won’t turn evil because they are raised as humans. His proposal is rejected but Hideki Yasumoto (Hiroyuki Sanada) agrees to fund it privately.

The science fiction elements are a part of the story but what is truly the most engaging part of the pilot is the way Molly tries to adjust back into life after being alone for so long.

With a cast of this calibre it is worth making time for but I highly suggest not wanting answers quickly because the show doesn’t provide them in the first hour. With the king of Sci-fi Steven Spielberg involved the show has futuristic elements but it doesn’t over use them.

Extant looks science fiction but provides a character driven drama where science is just a backdrop. The show should provide an enjoyable journey over the 13 episodes providing answers are given.

9 PM Sunday on Ten

4 stars


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