Exposure Review

Exposure Review

New on Stan this week is its next Australian Original series Exposure.

Exposure is the story of Jacs (Alice Englert), a gifted young photographer who likes to party with her best friend Kel (Mia Artemis), her muse for an award-winning photo. Only, the photo is a still of a deceased Kel.

When Jacs returns to Port Kembla for Kel’s funeral, we are introduced to her mother Kathy (Essie Davis), friend Angus (Thomas Weatherall), and Kel’s mother Val (Victoria Haralabidou), who all have mixed feelings about the photo.

Struggling with Kel’s death and her own final moments with her, Jacs is on a quest to find the man she believes Kel was with, looking into her past and the mysterious messages on Kel’s phone from someone called ‘Do Not Disturb’.

On Jacs journey we also meet Raffa (Sean Keenan), online journalist Bronson (Thom Green), and surfer Mick (George Mason), and how they fit into the story is best discovered as the series plays out.

Exposure creator and writer Lucy Coleman uses her own lived experiences to tell a dark tale full of tragedy, which gives the cast some very rich material to play, even though it is dark and uncomfortable at times.

Englert gives a performance that is hard to shake long after the credits roll, and paired with Davis as her mother results in a sublime piece of viewing. Meanwhile Weatherall and Artemis continue to impress. 

Told in six 30-minute episodes, Exposure won’t be an easy watch, coming with a viewer discretion before each instalment, but if you take it slow it’s an engrossing piece of television that can’t be missed.

4 Stars

Exposure is now streaming on Stan.


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