Eva and Debera Make MKR history

Eva and Debera Make MKR history

Last night was  a mind-blowing redemption for Eva and Debra on My Kitchen Rules 

Scoring an imposing 98/110, the Perth workmates floored the competition with their almost perfect cooking skills at their restaurant The Spice Market, earning four perfect 10s from the judges.

The marketing executives set out to learn from their mistakes which saw them score just 46/110 in their first round. And with a defined plan and lots of timers they managed their workload well from the beginning  While Pete dug in with his fingers, Manu maintained cutlery etiquette when trying their prawn cakes with peanut and lime dipping sauce entrée.

Manu told them their entrée was “ridiculous”. Baffled, the girls looked worried until he added: “Ridiculously good. Redeem is not even the word. This is unbelievable. There’s no Thai restaurant in this country who does cakes like this.” It earned them perfect 10s from both judges. Annie declared it the best prawn cake she’s ever had; while even Kat – sitting on the bottom of the leader board – admitted: “Damn it! It’s amazing!”

Despite Eva doubting that her keralan fish molee with lemon rice was not quite right, the judges were blown away. In awarding a 10, Pete said: “It’s actually better than the entrée. It was brilliant. If this is not the best you’ve done then watch out.” Manu, who also scored a 10, added: “Holy molee! I can’t believe you did an amazing entrée and now an amazing main course. If you are going to be cooking like this throughout the whole competition you could be the winners.”

Kat was the only guest to find something negative to say about the main dish. “I don’t know if it’s because we’re on the bottom of the leader board and I’m being a jerk or I’m actually really tasting this, but to me I think my fish is undercooked,” she said. “Like really undercooked. It’s really hard because I don’t know if what I’m tasting is real or not. Nikki agreed that her fish was inconsistently cooked. But Sheri declared the dish perfect saying: “The fish is cooked perfectly. The rice is delicious and full of flavour and exciting things. Everyone is sitting at the table trying to think of something wrong with it. It’s a perfect dish. Stop trying to pick at it and just accept it.”

 Following two triumphant dishes, they hit a stumbling block with dessert. After their jelly refused to come out of the moulds, they left it off the plate and just served kulfi with rosewater syrup and pistachios. While Pete thought it was refreshing, Manu was not too sure about the texture of the traditional Indian flavoured milk dessert.

The teams scored them 43/50, with Emilie and Sheri giving them a perfect 10, for their overall score of 98/110. Eva and Debera  surpassed the previous high score of Series 5 contestants Helena and Vikki and Series 3 runners-up Nic and Rocco who both scored 95/110 for their instant restaurants.

I just can’t believe how you’ve turned things around from where you were at the last instant restaurant to where you are tonight,” said a very pleased judge Manu Feildel. Likewise, judge Pete Evans said the result put them in serious contention for the Series 6 title. “If you girls can harness that energy and confidence then you have what it takes to go right to the end. You have to believe in yourself,” he told them.

Tonight promo girls Katie and Nikki cook to stay in the contest as another team is eliminated who will it be?

My Kitchen Rules airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.