Erinsborough Set For a Double-Dose Of Daddy Drama

Erinsborough Set For a Double-Dose Of Daddy Drama

Tonight, Neighbours sees the return of two absentee father figures.

When we last left the cul-de-sac, Andrew (Lloyd Will) received a call from the prison – Felix (James Beaufort) isn’t well and has requested to see his brother. Discussing the pros and cons of seeing Felix with Wendy (Candice Leask), JJ (Riley Bryant) gets wind of the potential visit and begs Andrew to take him to see his father.

As we pick up with the neighbours again today, Felix is happy to see Andrew at the prison, sharing that this illness has given him time to ruminate on all that he has lost. Andrew suggests that there’s one thing that Felix does have the chance to put right – having a chat with JJ. 

While JJ is thrilled to finally have an audience with his biological dad, a hopeful JJ explains how upset he was when his letters were returned, but knows it was because of his mum’s request.

Will the visit be everything JJ needs, or is he bound for more drama?

Meanwhile, Victor Stone (Craig Hall) finally makes an appearance in Erinsborough. While Nicolette (Hannah Monson) is thrilled by her father’s impromptu visit, Byron (Xavier Molyneux) is less than pleased. Similarly, Jane (Annie Jones) is suspicious of her ex-husband’s presence – whenever he appears, drama usually ensues.

Is Vic here for a casual catchup as Nicolette believes, or are Jane and Byon’s suspicions based on truth? Either way, exploring the Stone family dynamics even more will be a lot of fun.

Writer Megan Palinkas pens an episode that pays off for long-term fans by letting us explore more of Jane’s past while adding another layer to the revival arc with JJ. With excellent performances given by all, it’s a must-see episode.

Neighbours airs 4:00pm Monday-Thursday on 10 with episodes repeated at 6:30pm on 10Peach.


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