Erinsborough Celebrates Pride

Erinsborough Celebrates Pride

Tonight, Neighbours dons rainbows and glitter as it celebrates Pride Month with the return of an icon.

The complex is in full swing as Pride kicks off, but the residents of Erinsborough aren’t exactly a happy bunch today. Mackenzie (Georgie Stone OAM) is relishing in the fact that her dad Grant (Paul Mercurio) is in town, unware that he’s actually here for free legal advice more-so than reconnecting with her. Hoping to get a fresh start with her father, Mackenzie invites him to Pride, but will he be able to take that step forward?

Speaking of taking a step forward, after Courtney Act performs a cheeky comedy routine, the tension between Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and Pierce (Tim Robards) continues to hang in the air after that awkward threesome misfire at the start of the week. Courtney’s routine shines a spotlight on their lack of communication, forcing them to finally lay everything on the table. Will these two manage to move forward or is this power couple able to collapse?

Elsewhere, Courtney has some fun with Paul (Stefan Dennis) after his realisation that Shane Jenek and Courtney Act are the one in the same, leaving him red-faced. Courtney ropes him into being her bally boy for Drag Bingo, and it’s an absolute must-see.   

Neighbours manages to celebrate this key event without it feeling out-of-place, with the event perfectly slotting into the Erinsborough and real-world timeline. The return of Courtney Act is also a divine delight, and it’s great to see her onscreen for more than just a quick one-episode cameo we saw during Mardi Gras.

Grab your Pride flag because everybody is welcome on Ramsay Street.


Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10Peach.