Erin Barnett Farewells The Jungle.

Erin Barnett Farewells The Jungle.

Thank the lord that our unofficial Aussie, Charlotte Crosby, has decided not to walk out on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Not only is she completely lovable, but we are as firmly-gripped to the #Rylotte romance storyline.

One campmate who is a fan of the old walkout though, is jungle newbie Perez Hilton. Yep, it seems every time he’s in a chat… he just gets up and walks away. Is #Rylottes PDA too much? Is notorious farter Tom Williams letting them rip? Is Tanya Hennessy too loud? Nup, according to Perez he just has OCD.

As the next guest in Tanya’s Sexy Jungle Podcast, Hollywood heavyweight Perez opened up about his life and work, and what the catalyst was for him to stop his bullying tactics. Citing the tragic death of 18-year-old American Tyler Clementi as the turning point in his career, Perez said the teenagers passing made him more mindful of what he posted online.

Three weeks away from his wife and kids proved all too much for Miguel Maestre, who broke down in tears in the Tok Tokie.

Later, camp chatter turned to infidelity and prenuptial agreements.

Miguel was firmly against anyone who has cheated and getting their partners hard-earned cash. Charlotte agreed, adding that she is an independent woman who wants to make and manage her own money. Erin Barnett said she was all for filling in the paperwork, but her boyfriend didn’t want her to.

Tonight’s trial saw Perez, Tom, Tanya and Dale Thomas test out their soccer skills…and gag reflex.

Each celeb had to kick a ball into one of the other campmates carboard cut-out mouths. Whoever’s mouth the ball went into, that unlucky celebrity had to eat an icky dish to win stars. From mealworms to goat testicles, the awesome foursome spluttered and heaved their way through to win an impressive 11 stars for camp.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that Australian reality star Erin Barnett was the fourth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Witty, warm and compassionate, Erin proved she has come a long way since her Love Island Australia days.

Whilst she was almost always fixated on the state of her eyelash extensions, she did give it all during camp conversations and proved herself as quite the trial queen.

Moments from stepping into the jungle, she was placed inside a rat-infested pirate ship. In the sickening tucker trial Guess Whose Coming To Dinner, Erin gagged all the way through a menu of impala anus, trout eyes, lamb brains, bulls testicles and a giant hissing cockroach. In the scariest trial we’ve ever done (which was actually called just that) Erin was visibly shaken and emotional as she flung off a 94 metre waterfall.

Erin opened up to the camp about her battle with endometriosis. Grateful to be able to use this show as a platform to gain awareness of this crippling, and often medically overlooked illness, Erin reduced Miguel Maestre to tears as she admitted the difficulty of having children.

Erin forged a strong camp sisterhood with Rhonda Burchmore and Nikki Osborne. Nikki admitted that Erin was one of her biggest surprises in the experience, noting she had a heart as big as her chest. When it was announced that Rhonda would be the camp master and Erin her minion, Barnett took on the role like a total pro, chuffed to just be in Rhonda’s heavenly presence.

Tune in tomorrow night to see Cosentino, Dale, Miguel and Perez compete in the shocking (quite literally) trial Electric Circus and another unlucky celebrity bids farewell to camp life for good.