Entertainment Triple Threat Revealed as The Dragonfly

Sophie Monk’s high energy version of Kesha’s disco anthem Tik Tok may have unleashed Dave Hughes’ strongest dad dancing, but it was not enough to allow our Dragonfly to spread her wings for another wild week on The Masked Singer Australia.

There’s no fooling detective Dannii Minogue, who scored her first correct guess of the season when she deduced that all clues led to showbiz all-rounder Sophie Monk.

Urzila Carlson thought there were two Minogues in the building, pegging Dragonfly’s slight frame to Kylie Minogue, while Dave Hughes thought he could hear Australian singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem. She might be one of Sophie Monk’s best buds, but Jackie O’s phone calls to check on Sophie’s alibi threw her off the scent, and she had her dear friend pegged as drag queen Courtney Act.

Emerging from her Dragonfly mask, Sophie Monk explained she had been taking Jackie O’s call from backstage. She shared: “Do you know how hard that was for me? I feel so bad.”

“I have to thank The Masked Singer Australia. I was embarrassed to sing in the shower. I have not sung for 17 years, I got burnt by the industry. Jackie always asked if I would sing again and I said never.

“There’s something about the disguise that makes it so much easier to just bring out confidence. You’re not worrying about what people think about you, no one was judging me, I could just sing.”

Guessing panellist Dave Hughes chimed in: “I was judging you, and I was judging you as being an extraordinary singer!”

While Sophie Monk can now kick off the most epic heeled boots The Masked Singer Australia has ever seen, it is now time for our remaining masked mysteries to own the spotlight.

Queen was sans hoop skirt tonight because nothing was going to hold them back from sashaying across the stage for Moulin Rouge number Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Frillneck had us hypnotised and proved they are indeed the hot new favourite with their piano ballad Mad World by Gary Jules.

Bushranger kick-started the show with a high energy crack at Lady Gaga’s smash hit Poker Face, before the magic continued with Wizard’s rendition of Gotye’s chart topper Somebody That I Used To Know.

Rounding out the show was Puppet, the mask that haunts Dannii Minogue’s nightmares, who brought a touch of creepy to Puerto Rican hit Despacito.