Endgame Fallout with a Finnal Showdown

Endgame Fallout with a Finnal Showdown

Last night Neighbours delivered a phenomenal two-hander with Finn and Susan, and now we see the final showdown.

After trying to escape from the cabin and failing, Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is still trapped by Finn (Rob Mills). Susan remains inside the cabin while Finn is outside digging a grave. Who’s grave is he digging and can Susan orchestrate her escape while Finn’s attention is elsewhere?

Meanwhile, we finally catchup with the island-goers, who we last saw on Friday as Finn set the island ablaze. Now they’re home after their rescue, having experienced the unimaginable. With everything they experienced and the lives lost, they are all now faces with the challenges of their physical and emotional injuries.

As everyone recounts what happened on the island to the police, the truth is revealed. A numb Kyle (Chris Milligan) then has the difficult task of breaking the devastating news to Sheila (Colette Mann) that Gary has died.

The episode, penned by Rene Zandweld, has a tough job as everyone returns from the island, but it does answer the huge questions left up in the air after Endgame, while also setting up the next wave of storylines. In just 22-minutes, all the cast are given a chance to shine.

A fitting finale to one of the best story arcs Neighbours has devised to celebrate the huge anniversary.

Just who will the third death be? Tune in and find out, as the consequences of it are sure to play out for weeks to come.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10 Peach